As part of the implementation / installation process, MultiFlex Service Support team will review and setup your business rules and parameters used throughout the system.


With over 15 years of experience, our skilled software technicians will manage all aspects of the installation process without any disruption to your business. If you are upgrading from an older system, we can also migrate your data to MultiFlex.


We offer the flexibility of installing MultiFlex RMS locally, on the cloud or a unique hybrid installation (combined local and cloud based), offering complete managed services, leaving everything to us to manage your IT needs.

For a multi-store implementation, all or most of the data will be entered at the head-office system and then propagated among stores accordingly.

For every location, the following information should be prepared ahead of time:

  • General company profile including: company name, address, and names and contact numbers of staff using the system.

  • Tax rules and registration numbers per store for all states (or regions) with tax% charged (or included). If more than one tax applies, or special conditions for different taxes exist, such as: different categories, luxury taxes, etc. or if a tax is included for some items, etc.

  • Employee profile for those using the system, such as: names, addresses, and contact numbers, positions and a general grouping for their access rights.

  • Access rights are based on assigning a few “User groups” and then defining access privileges per group, such as: managers, assistant managers, sales, buyers.


Members will then be assigned to each group. You will prepare a rough list of user groups and their access rights before the time of training. We will review your list and improve for more details at time of training.


The MultiFlex RMS suite of software programs comes with an experienced team of RMS service support staff to train, implement and support your retail business growth plans. Training resources are available at your facility, our office or online, with video training resources.

Training of MultiFlex RMS usually happens at two different levels:


Head Office:

The focus is mostly on back-office operations, like: receiving and tagging   transfer of merchandise, reports, giving access rights, discount tables, CRM. The head office training is usually performed in 4 hours (two 2-hour sessions).



The main focus is on the POS and front-office operations. POS training in stores is usually done during 2 hours (two 1-hour sessions).


The RMS software support implementation details include:

  • A simplified gap analysis: to understand what is needed, what are your priorities, where we should be after the implementation, etc.

  • Preparations and training: once we understand your priorities, we will schedule your implementation and training.

  • Ongoing support: you are never left alone to figure out anything. Your dedicated CSR will work with you to continually guide you through full use of the program in your entire business operation.

  • Video clips are also available to support preparation, training and ongoing support.

  • Email support communication for updates and any valuable information.


The MultiFlex RMS service support structure is built on the premise of helping our retail clients succeed. It is fully supported by a group of trained expert staff.


Specific to our support structure is a detailed training and implementation plan, including these three components:

  • Preparation for implementation: system setup, back-office and POS setup rules, inventory categorization, reporting structure, etc.

  • Training and Implementation: Head Office / Back-office training, store staff training, etc.

  • Ongoing support, maintenance, upgrades, business development coaching, etc.


The consultation (RMS Success Coaching) is an integrated support program to move you from a single operation to multi-store operations, with ease and control.


Our consultation approach is to first create a firm RMS base, balanced inventory, synchronization among all locations, giving you automated reporting of the key performing areas of your business (KPI), from where you can make swift intelligent business decisions.


As part of our commitment to helping retailers grow and sustain their business, MultiFlex RMS has a built-in program called RMS Success Coaching Program.



Success Coaching Program


This program provides a unique, effective approach to bring technology to retailers, while coaching them to success using various tools, methodologies and proven practices.


Based on your business goals and growth objectives, the program will:


  • Start with a gap-analysis to understand your immediate needs and implement the system to meet those immediate daily business needs.

  • Then support you to implement a balanced inventory   what to buy, when to buy and how much to buy.

  • Coach and support you to achieve accurate inventory at all stores, enabling you to make quick and accurate decisions   and do so from anywhere.

  • Helps you to strengthen you client relationship – know their needs, preferences, buying patterns   and create an automated marketing plan to stay connected and bring them back. Marketing tools will include   email, direct mail, strategic partnering, events, etc.

  • Supports your business in improving inter-company communications   with specific assignment, tasks and responsibilities to each department, to strengthen relationships and increase productivity