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Nutrition House – Canada

We are now able to operate and manage over 70 stores across Canada with reliability and data integrity among the entire chain. MultiFlex RMS Nutrition has greatly helped us with increased inventory control and balanced inventory management, leading to increased sales at all locations.


Neon Clothing - Montreal, Canada

At Neon, we searched for over a year to find the retail management software that met our needs. Most of our search resulted in products that did not live up to their claims or were so overly complex that implementation would have gone way beyond our time and expenditure budget.

Then we found MultiFlex RMS!… It was the perfect fit for our needs and budget. Most importantly, implementation of the software was seamless! We had zero downtime at any of our 8 stores. Likewise, users of our website never experienced any problems as we switched over to MultiFlex RMS. I can say, unequivocally, it was the easiest software implementation I have ever experienced.


The team at Microhouse works with the same entrepreneurial spirit that we do. It is very important to my team that we have a close business connection with our software provider. We truly appreciate their quick response to any questions or modification we request.


The best testimonial that I can give is that in the year and half since implementation of MultiFlex RMS, we have opened 3 new stores and expanded our website business. Without MultiFlex RMS, this would not have been possible.


Barrington Saddlery – IL, US

Multiflex RMS is unparalleled in the industry as a provider of retail software and services. It’s not only the software, but the Multiflex team that stands behind the product, they really understand the complex challenges of a retail environment, and have created a powerful POS system that saves hours of analysis and customer management as the reports available are the “Best in Class” in retail business management.

Multiflex POS is the perfect solution for stores that have multiple locations and mobile businesses. It saves hours & hours of time and money in inventory and customer management. Instead of spending our time in inventory management, our team can spend their time and energy selling!​

Every small business knows the key to success is customer service & responsiveness. Multiflex understands this. Gone are the days where we are put on hold for hours, or be passed around to multiple technical support individuals to address a simple issue.​

The individuals at Multiflex are passionate about their product and are invested in the success of the businesses they serve. Our business has grown tremendously as our transition to Multiflex as given us the tools to analyze where the opportunities are.


Climax Smoke Shop – Orlando, US

Before we upgraded to MultiFlex RMS, we used QB multi-store, function was terrible, I think we just grew out of it, we needed real time data-sync or at least close to it and something more tailored for retail business.
I looked at Revel, Light Speed, Vend, etc. many more that I do not remember the names, even some that interface looked nice, but back-end was not even close to what RMS can do.

Customer service is much more dedicated since it is in-house, amazing people, hard working and "can-do" people, same people every time you talk so awesome relationship, real time update and exchange (15 minutes) really helps, we also launched E-commerce and loyalty points program.


Much smoother than I thought, since techs are with you day and night, they will stand by for any issues when we need. I want to say special thanks to men behind the show Allen, Graham the Brit amazing key adviser, superman Parry and Moe and Anita for their HARD WORK and great assistance for our success.


Polimass, Chile

When I opened my first store for cosmetics and beauty tools, I had no idea of the retail business. Coming from the financial world I felt overwhelmed with so many little products I needed to handle with so many varieties and colors, that I thought I would never get control over what I was doing. I tried many softwares and spent huge amount of time on them, but couldn't get control of cash flow, tender types and most important of all, the stock.

When I contacted Microhouse Systems, they listened to me and asked critical questions about my business, exactly the ones I needed to be in control of. Not only were they able to understand my business, but also suggested me the right retail software to handle my specific type of business. Until then I didn't know that there were specific software depending on the type of retail you were in. Furthermore, they gave me several papers and documents which illustrated me how to use the right software they were offering me and how to make adequate control of the key variables of my businees. It was not until I started following the "good practices" and follow the "know how" that Microhouse has on retail industry by using their software when I begun to take control of my business.

Coming from the financial world I know that stock and money are the most important things to take care of and the RMS has all the necessary controls and management tools to ensure these aspects are being permanently monitored and controlled. Furthermore, RMS has helped me grow my company by opening several stores every year, because it has exactly what it takes to help you manage small to middle size companies on the tips of your finger. Of course you must be constantly studying and learning all the features this software has in order to produce more with less effort and time, but once you learn the logics on which the software is based, then its is like you are injected with 25 years of experience right into your brain. You cannot fail in your business if you work with these tools by your side.


Angl Fashion – Los Angeles, US

MultiFlex RMS has made it possible for us to manage all aspects of our business within 42 stores. At the head-office, we monitor the performance for all stores and react accordingly. We find MultiFlex RMS optimized for our business.


Desigual – Trinidad

My staff love the new POS system. They think it is the simplest most easy to adopt program they’ve ever used. We’ve since recommended your program to other retailers in Winnipeg, Canada and here in Trinidad. Since we’re a manufacturer branded store, import/export customized features that you’ve created is a blast! Thank you, especially for the process and the time your team took to walk us through.


Helmutt’s Pet Supply – Toronto, Canada

MultiFlex RMS has been a very effective tool for us to manage our pet shop. Frequent ordering and knowing what to order and how many is a repeated decision to be made accurately. I like the ease of use at POS and the reports for my objectives.


Living2 – Toronto, Canada

MultiFlex RMS enabled us to manage all aspects of inventory control, including our reorder management. The POS is comprehensive and easy to use. MultiFlex gives us extended marketing tools allowing us to keep closer touch with our customers and target our marketing activities more effectively.


WildBloom Boutique – Houston, US

MultipleFlex RMS POS system has all the major features that we need for a fashion retail store. The software is also easy to use. The sale coach, Graham Thomas, was very patient and nice. He walked us through the demo and answered all of our questions patiently and kindly. The support team was great as well; they helped set up everything as needed and requested. They were very knowledgeable of the software, nice and patient. The team was available and very easy to reach. No automatic machine, no transferring, and no waiting. Thank you for all you help!


Bahai Distribution Services – Toronto, Canada

Our staff loves the POS and finds MultiFlex easy to use and easy to teach to new members. MultiFlex has increased our productivity, especially with the phone orders processing and tracking. Soon we will integrate with MultiFlex E-Commerce system to improve access to detailed information for international inquiries and increased business.


Unity Church Bookstore – Austin, US

We find MultiFlex RMS a comprehensive and easy to use system that is optimized for retail and distribution of Books and Music products. It has provided us with a great flexibility to manage our entire business, including processing orders from different channels, namely: in-store, phone/mail orders and orders from E-Commerce.


Pollak Furniture – Toronto, Canada

MultiFlex RMS enabled our stores to have access to inventory of all locations and sell such, while the warehouse takes care of deliveries and accounting of such. This has drastically increased our ability to meet our customers’ expectations. We like the ease of use and the flexibility with the program.


Pur Denim – Toronto, Canada

I find the program easy to use, train staff quickly, track customer buying patterns, inventory turns, etc. so no guesswork on my part. It has helped me with seasonal reporting, vendor reporting and sales. What I like the most is the integration of data amongst all my three stores.


United Colors of Benetton – Toronto, Canada

We have been using the MultiFlex system for about a year and everyone here just loves it! It’s really easy to use and the interface is extremely user-friendly; even employees that are completely new to retail are capable of using it and they find it very user-friendly. One of the things that is really great about it is the automatic data input, whereas before we used to put things in manually, and now we just download it from the corporate store. Overall, MultiFlex RMS helps us serve the customers as efficiently as possible.

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