Multi Store Program

MultiFlex Multi-Store retail POS software program integrates your online eCommerce store with your brick/mortar store(s) – whether it is installed locally or cloud based hosted by MultiFlex.


  • Customer data can be shared with all stores   including purchase details, returns and updated info on credit notes, gift cards – customer preferences, etc. Head office dictates what client details can be shared among all stores.

  • Loyalty points are accumulated and redeemable at any location   reports which stores contributed to points.

  • Locations can introduce and share new lines with the entire chain   thus introducing new products, pricing, etc.

  • Customers, products or suppliers status can be changed, and the System will then treat them accordingly.

  • Head Office controls business rules, staff access rights and reporting of data

Close integration with E-Commerce – allows the inventory of only one location or Multiple locations to be assigned to the E-Commerce store.

A “threshold” control mechanism is built-in – where you can show/hide items based on your own pre-set number, instructing your e-commerce web store to stop offering the specific items.


  • Ability to Transfer items to/from stores “based on Performance” at each store. This allows you Just-in-time management of “stores” inventory, replenishing items from the central warehouse as required.

  • Many performance monitoring reports – giving you flexibility to re-order centrally for all stores based on their Min/Max levels, performances   including special orders. Orders can be directly dropped-shipped to stores or received centrally with pre-allocated transfers

  • If required – ability to automatically receive transfers or head office may allow stores to receive manually all transfers.