Point of Sale (POS) Program

Point of Sale Retail automation goes beyond a cash register to ring sales in and give correct change. Information Technology is now an essential element in every retailer’s success toolkit.


MultiFlex POS systems are designed to make IT second nature to you, especially with store-front staff using the POS system to serve and retain clients.


With over 15 years of experience in developing customized software technology for business, we’ve created what we believe is the perfect POS System.


This program has increased revenues and decreased operating expenses, leading to consistent profitability for more than 2700 operations worldwide.





POS Software Gives Retail Business Owners Control – With Accurate and Reliable Information, created for single or multi-store, multi-location, multi-country retail operations – integrating both your online eCommerce and physical stores.
MultiFlex POS and Inventory Management System:


  • Tells you which supplier to buy from and at what margins using historical sales data

  • Helps you make financial projections - software provides data on sales, margins on each department, supplier, customer purchases, etc.

  • Creates lasting smooth client relationship with built-in CRM to help bring customers back to the store

  • Has timely marketing promotions and events - you can schedule and do follow up on any activity

It also provides:


  • Reliable, accurate and timely data reporting

  • Secured and complete access to your information from anywhere in the world and anytime you or your staff need it

  • Trained RMS / POS software support staff

Program can be installed locally on your own computer or cloud based – hosted and backed-up by us.



RMS Software and Retail Management Solutions

MultiFlex RMS is a small and medium business POS retail inventory system created for:


  • Single or multi-store, multi-state, multi-country retail operations

  • Integrating both your online eCommerce and physical stores

  • Financial Management: use internal accounting system or interface with QuickBooks

  • POS Functionality easy to use, touch-screen or keyboard, manage staff   control who has access to your RMS system

Small Business POS System

Your POS system should control inventory, manage client relationship, financial control for either single or multi-store, with integrations with eCommerce online retail store – but also a choice between cloud based or locally installed POS Software system.
MultiFlex helps you align with your primary business tasks – avoid IT complexities and costly complicated systems.


Maintain Your Focus – Outsource Your POS IT Needs

Until now, small retailers who wanted a robust POS System for their retail stores had to contend with over-the-top over-priced systems that were never meant to help small businesses grow profitably.


  • You can rely on for accuracy and reliability   to guide your intuitive decision making process, with purchasing and inventory balance

  • Is controllable by you or anyone you want to have access to secured information

  • Has an experienced team of support staff to support your business continuity and growth.

Download the full Features List here.