Shopify Connector

The Shopify App is a plugin designed to connect with your RMS system to allow inventory, customers and product synchronization. It is designed to connect MultiFlex RMS inventory management system with your Shopify online web store.

It is a modern, reliable integrated solution, that will connect all your systems – including physical stores, online stores, warehouse and financials.

How It Works


Once the Shopify App is installed and activated on your Shopify store (with the proper RMS credentials entered), you will be able to do the following:

  • Automatically have product data imported into your Shopify store from RMS just by enabling products to be shown on your Shopify store (see Preparing Products in RMS)

  • Automatically adjust/synchronize product inventory count within your RMS once a Shopify and RMS sale is finalized

  • A sales report within RMS can be generated to show Shopify sales statistics

  • Customer details are available online purchase history, etc.


The Shopify App has limited functionality, in that it is a product inventory manager. The App is designed to offer you an opportunity to connect MultiFlex RMS inventory with your Shopify online store including customer data. Vendors data are not shared with your Shopify online store.

In this case, MultiFlex eCommerce solution may be a better option, because it does all above, including:

  • Seamless integration of inventory, customers, payment processing, distribution, collection, reporting

  • Marketing essentials: social media integration, SEO, landing page designs, inner page designs, image details, search list reports

  • Management of all areas: threshold control, promotions, CRM management

  • Merchandise online management: site design, look books, collections, flow

What You Need

You will need a license of MultiFlex RMS inventory manager, to control and manage all aspects of your retail management system.


Initial fees start at $950 for setup and installations plus $195 per month for Managed Services, including:

  • MultiFlex RMS program and SQL data base hosted on our server

  • RMS program support and maintenance

  • Database back up and synchronization

  • RMS installation and setup

  • Integration with Shopify

  • Remote access to your synchronized inventory at both your physical store (s) and your web store(s)

* Multi-store integrated solutions are also available.