Single Store Program

This is a complete system with Software and Data Base on MS SQL 2008 Server, including: software support, software upgrades, software maintenance.



  • MultiFlex is an easy to use customized solution that actually works.

  • MultiFlex is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ program.

  • Fashion program includes a 3D Matrix – is mandatory for apparel stores   so you can do your ordering in few minutes instead of hours

  • E-Commerce ready – integrates both online and offline stores

  • Choose between web-based (cloud) or   on your own computer

  • Expandable   grow with ease and simplicity, synchronize all locations


This is a complete RMS program and is not to be confused with other ‘frugal’ type incomplete starter software offers. 



Program Highlights:

  • Inventory management and performance control - so you don’t over stock, maintain a balance inventory

  • Reporting capabilities: Crystal Reporting Platform, see what are good or bad selling items

  • Category reporting: does unlimited items by size, color   in a style matrix   custom design report.

  • Financial reporting   for projections and what your buyers should focus on buying

  • Accounting module   integrates with Quick Books or other accounting systems

  • Order management programming   OTB reporting customized to your needs

  • Customer Relationship Management – ability to track and report on client purchases, preferences, etc.

  • Special reports for memberships, loyalty, gift card – on trade-ins, credit accounts, etc.

  • Sales Marketing Tools: where relevant – email, direct mail, social media, alliances, events

  • E-commerce capability: flexible powerful API interface to integrate with your online store

Download Program Specifications here.